Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated

Gaddafi Why now, if it was eliminated

Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated Libya translation is different from Tunisia and Egypt About half a year "civil war" (Note: In fact, by the attack by NATO forces, which boasts the overwhelming military, there is the Libyan government forces led by Gaddafi has fled, never, by rebels based in Benghazi since the "revolution" is obvious that that was not raised, originally if "civil war" rather than, but should be referred to as the military intervention of the Western ...) through, followed by the Gaddafi regime collapsed a year. This in the beginning the world the Japanese media, happened springing up as Hohai in Tunisia of Nishitonari of Libya [Jasmine Revolution] (Note: stemming from tyranny to self-immolation of one young man who protested the police, Facebook and Youtube and Twitter in the blink of an eye by the net era of information tools, such as, by the pro-democracy uprising, which was expanded to a closed society, year followed by Ben-Ali dictatorship, and quickly collapse in just days, the momentum is, North

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