Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated

Or south Sudan [Arab] or [Africa]

Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated South Sudan [Arab] or [Africa] or civil war shackles, does not proceed diplomatic framework discussion Day, Masharu said keel president of South Sudan (center) of the rebel leaders to meet directly in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa (right). Despite the smile, confrontation is deep-rooted Egypt, an attempt to members of the South Sudan under the civil war in the Arab League, that are increasingly lobbying to other Member States. South Sudan, about a year from the separation independently from Sudan is a member of the Arab League. Egypt is located in the Nile River Basin is, anticipation and water shortage problem that serious is expected, seen upstream of south Sudan from the African side] with the idea that you want drawn to the Arab side]. Middle East-related news site, where the Al monitor is reported as saying Arab diplomatic sources, South Sudan Member problems went up on the agenda at the Ministerial meeting of the federation that have been made in the month. PR South Sudan, the end of many years of civil war between the Sudanese central government, separate and independent from the country was observed in residents vote of 2.

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