Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated

Sierra Leone

Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated Sierra Leone capital Freetown area Ten thousand, 0 square kilometers population About 0 million people * Main constituent ethnic groups Mende group, Temune group, (Mixed between blacks and whites) Creole other religion Islam, Christianity addition Major agricultural products industrial products Cacao beans, mining (diamond, bauxite, rutile) Adult literacy rate Men Women. * Average life Men 0. old, female. Years old * HIV infection rate (~ age) Men., Woman. (0.5 less than in Japan both men and women) * Infant mortality rate (000 per person) 0 people (Japanese people) * * 00-year Census, Government of Sierra Leone * ~ UNFPA (00 years) Sierra Leone Republic (hereinafter referred to as Sierra Leone) is a small country located in West Africa, and contact with Guinea, Liberia and the border. Rich in minerals, fertile land, rich in rainfall, agriculture's GDP (many self-sufficiency agriculture), the 0 of the exports have accounted mineral products such as diamond. In the tropical rainforest climate is hot and humid.

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