Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated

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Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated Algeria revolution Algeria map Algeria is invaded French army to 0 years, it had been a colony. The main reason for the French army in Algeria invasion, market expansion and grape cultivation and wine export of the country's industrial products, and the like. Then, to the Algerian, the acquisition of French nationality, French education, denial of Islamic culture, was assimilation policy, such as the spread of French culture. Algeria People's response to such French policy is to start a revolution in the year, National Liberation Front (FLN) has become the center. However, the revolution initially, because the international public opinion had seen the civil war this, the Revolutionary Armed Forces had to be internationalized foreign to Algeria problem. So, the war [to deny the Islamic culture, the fight against invaders to trample the sovereignty of the Arab nation] by defining and mobilizing the Algerian people in pairs Buddha Kosen, further other Arab countries, especially Tunisia, and Morocco deepened solidarity.

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