Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated

Whether Saudi Why was the intervention in the Yemen civil war

Gaddafi Why now if it was eliminated Saudi Why intervene in the Yemen civil war -!? Crude oil prices and new or eventful factors in the world economy? Anti-government armed struggle in Yemen Shiite-based force [Houthis] is Saudi Arabia, crossing the military intervention of neighboring countries to Yemen civil war is serious, the situation in the Middle East has further deepened the confusion. Temporary response to this, oil prices soared, such as stock prices decline, has become a new eventful factor for the world economy. He said that Yemen I think that there is not much familiar, but in fact I countries, such as the microcosm of the situation in the Middle East. The southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, a population of 000,000 people of the country that is in contact with Saudi Arabia and the border, has been producing crude oil and natural gas. But production amount compared to other Middle East oil-producing countries is small because economic strength is weak, it has been counted as one of the poor countries. Since the inception of the current Republic of Yemen by the North-South unification to 0 years the country, but Sahera president over the year was in the top spot, and spread the [Arab Spring] in 2.

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